Our singular focus:
accelerating the rise of distributed energy and e-mobility services

The revolution of affordable and more efficient energy storage technologies combined with regulatory pressures and incentives, consumer demand for cleaner energy and new information technologies are starting to transform the energy and e-mobility markets across the globe. 

This transformation is already manifest in many parts of the world with the rise of distributed energy relying on smaller power generation and energy storage where the demand is. Consumers, businesses and communities can now generate reliable and cost effective power whilst bringing down their carbon footprint. 

Another major shift is revolutionizing the transport industry driven by local and international efforts to reduce the atmospheric and sonic pollution in urban areas. Road, rail and marine transports are transitioning from diesel fuel engines to full electric power. 

We are targeting and specializing in this rising multi-billion-dollar opportunity.

Our role:
enabling and financing distributed energy and e-mobility services globally

We carefully select and partner with the best entrepreneurs, the best technology and project developers. 

We bring them financing capabilities, technical expertise, customer knowledge and market reach to launch and scale innovative solutions as services to the end users.

We also offer investors to join our high growth specialist platform to diversify their investments and get access to quality opportunities with stable risk-adjusted returns.

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