NEoT Capital provides funding and strategic support to pioneers in the distributed renewable energy and electric mobility markets

We look for the best entrepreneurs, local developers and technology developers to partner with us to launch and scale the next generation of globally distributed energy and e-mobility services.

We provide:

  • Asset based and project financing, from pilot to large scale deployment
  • Support in structuration of the business models to access to financing
  • Connections through the global network of our strategic partners
  • Credibility and influence  
  • Technology expertise
  • Customer knowledge

A core tenet of our ethos is to invest and work on a level playing field with our entrepreneurs and developers. We work closely with outstanding leaders and recognize the value of building long lasting partnerships.

Don’t re-invent the wheel, work with the experts and bring your technology and solutions to market more quickly and efficiently.  

We are open for business. Please get in touch.